• Question: Is maths important for psychology?

    Asked by Rageba to Sophie, Jolel, Emily, Amber, Alex on 14 Nov 2019. This question was also asked by Javier.
    • Photo: Jolel Miah

      Jolel Miah answered on 14 Nov 2019:

      I think they go hand in hand, it sure helps when you study psychology in the future but it doesn’t have to be complicated just like you need to know how to work a budget when you get older!

    • Photo: Amber Cronin

      Amber Cronin answered on 14 Nov 2019:

      To a degree, yes. I was never especially good at maths, but I managed to get to masters level doing statistics! Your teachers will give you lots of support and help, and if you revise you will know what to expect in your exams or coursework.