• Question: who is your favourite friends character? also, do you think the character's behaviour reflects how actual friends would act? if so, is this why the show is still relevant? (sorry for the weird question, i'm just a massive fan of the show)

    Asked by pink freud to Emily on 19 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Emily Mattacola

      Emily Mattacola answered on 19 Nov 2019:

      It’s so hard to pick a favourite!! I’d say Chandler, but it’s really tight. I can easily say Ross is my least favourite though. No one is a Ross fan.

      Well, I think that the show quite accurately reflects an important transition we experience in our late teens and early twenties, when our families become far less important in our lives, and our friends become the main focus of our social relationships. Rather than going to our parents or siblings for help and advice, and thinking of ourselves as defined as being a part of that family, we instead rely more on our friends and define ourselves according to that social group instead. This is an important part of growing up that everyone experiences, regardless of the time, which I think is probably why the show has stood the test of time so well. It’s a life stage we can all empathise with.